Exor JMobile Basic Training

Exor JMobile Basic Training


In just one easily learnt software, JMobile completely covers the connectivity, device management, process management and data visualization essential for the lower levels of any IIoT platform architecture.

For connectivity, with a fully integrated CODESYS PLC, JMobile permits communication to all I/O, Sensors, Motion devices via the significant protocols of PROFINET, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, EtherNet/IP, Modbus amongst many others. Transmitted using the highly robust and secure OPC UA standard and soon pub/sub over TSN, data is seamlessly shared within the network of edge points as well as sending all data to higher Enterprise levels and external interfaces.

This exacting communication universally envied as a real technical achievement does not, however, convey the total completeness of JMobile. Born from an industrial market need, this close contact with customers has remained so deeply ingrained in the constant development process that the beautiful user experience is a defining attribute. The ease of implementation, using evident stunning graphics elements built into a vast library, allows quick and uniquely defining clear visualization.

As the market moves more towards ever increasingly complex web applications, JMobile is ready. The JMobile client-server architecture is already conversant with current HTML5 web technologies and uses a QT engine and Scalable Vector Graphics, JM4Web. This provides users with advanced control and remote supervision from any browser, any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer).


Native connectors to Databases
High User Interface Experience
Create IIoT ecosystems with reduced risk
From Shop Floor to Cloud / Big Data
Real Interoperability
Great HTML5 interface with JM4web
Create Alarms with associated Alerts
Efficient scripting with JavaScript
More than 200 communication protocols readily available for all platforms with gateway function
Browser widget
Integrated PLC runtime as an option for compact control solutions. Include full support of networked I/O
Software and documentation available in 7 languages
Multi platform runtime
Complete compatibility with OPC UA

Responsible B Praveen Reddy
Last Update 23/05/2022
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