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Automotive Industry
The automotive industry is one of the world's most innovative industries. It has always been an important driving force of the economy. With a view to ensuring quality, reliability and economic efficiency, the manufacture of vehicles and automotive components such as engines and gearboxes is only possible automated manufacturing facilities.

Throughout the entire production process, robust, open, and consistent automation solutions are called for. Of particular importance are secure communication, the functional safety of machinery, consistent diagnostics, as well as a high level of availability and processing speed.

As a long-term partner of the automotive industry, we offers fully developed solutions for the individual production areas. The foundation for this is often an automation standard based on a uniform software and operating architecture. Interfaces for planning tools and the simple creation of the visualization considerably reduce your engineering costs.

Product & Services

Automation from Germany

  • PLC to IOT Controller

  • HMIs & IPCs

  • Remote IOs & IP65 IOs

  • Smart Element IOs

  • Power Supply

  • Machine Building

  • Networking Wire & Wireless

  • Terminal Blocks

  • Field and Signal Interfacing

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Sensing from Germany

  • Photoelectric Sensor

  • Proximity Sensors

  • Registration Sensors

  • Safety Devices, Switches

  • Gas AnalyzersO2,CO2 & CO

  • Vision 2D, 3D and 4D & RFID

  • Distance Sensing &Detection

  • Encoders Absolute & Incremental

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Visualization from Italy

  • HMI Displays 7", 15"

  • Hybrid 7" to 15"

  • Handheld HMI

  • Industrial PCs

  • IOT & Cloud Solution

  • J-mobile & Codesys Development Platfirms

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Engineering Services

  • Solution Architecture

  • Control System Design

  • OEM Machine Integration

  • IEC 6113-3 standards

  • Energy Management

  • High Level Language Integration

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Industry 4.0

  • Cloud Services

  • IIOT Hadrware

  • Data Analytics

  • AWS & MQTT

  • Python Library

  • Web Interface

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After Sales Support

  • Dedicates Engineering Team

  • Migration Support

  • Remote Support

  • Telephone Support

  • Annual Price Contract

  • Annual Parts Management

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